How to Launch and Scale Your Business in the New Working World



At this virtual event, you will learn...

  • What's working TODAY for successful 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs
  • The latest business trends in emerging tech, from founders that have raised tens of millions of dollars
  • How to set up your backend business infrastructure to drive more growth, traction, and sales
  • Proven strategies to launch your book to bestseller and use it to grow your business
  • The best way to take your business digital or launch an online version of what you already do
  • The latest activity in the investing world, and tips for getting funding
  • Tactics for creating a strong personal brand
  • How to start your day effectively and stay productive while we 'shelter at home'


About Your Host

Jesse Tevelow is the Founder and CEO of LaunchTeam, a network of expert consultants who launch books, apps, sites, podcasts, courses, and entire companies. His firm has worked with over 50 clients who have collectively raised over $500 million to-date. Clients include an Olympic gold medalist, the Managing Director of a multi-billion dollar investment fund, and CEOs of 7 , 8, and 9-figure businesses. Jesse's mission is to challenge the world's assumptions, revealing unconventional strategies for creating more connection, joy, and success in our lives.

He's also a 3-time bestselling author, speaker, and tech investor. His books, articles, and live appearances have touched over a million people worldwide.

A Few Words From Jesse...

"Hi, there! I'm glad you've made it to this page! Please join me and my team in the new year as we unpack the minds of legendary high-performers and business icons. This isn't your typical virtual summit. This is an immersive, fully digital experience that will include fireside chats, keynotes, and even live-trainings. So get ready to take notes and learn from some of the top achievers in history.

Think of them as your mentors, guiding you in the right direction after decades of experience. Many of them have been through horrible crisis moments in history. And in their minds, they hold the stories and priceless insights of how they built empires out of the rubble.

As we evolve to a new normal, with a new working style, a rapidly changing economy, and an explosion of new tech, the advice and training of these experts could be more important than the next software tool you buy, the next course you take, the next employee you hire, or the next round of funding you secure.

This is because your decisions make you who you will become. Our expert speakers will help you make better decisions, avoid the bad ones, and course-correct when you fall off track. They'll also discuss the specific tools and tactics that are working TODAY in their businesses so you can skip all the A/B testing and operate your company with confidence.

One of our marketing taglines at LaunchTeam is, "Don't launch alone. Launch with a team." We're not ashamed to admit that this is self-serving because we truly believe in it. We believe two heads are better than one, and that an experienced brain is worth more than its weight in gold (and in bitcoin...sorry, tech joke).

So trust me, you want these battle-tested speakers on your Expert Mentorship team. I hope to see you at the event—even if you are logging in from your couch!

Stay safe, and remember to keep makin' moves. — J

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