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The gig economy is here. Thankfully, matching truly talented experts with innovative companies just got a whole lot easier. If you're an impressive entrepreneur, agency, or quality company, we want to hear from you. 

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LaunchTeam Experts are part of an exclusive members-only partner network of top talent and agencies. We'll send you interesting project opportunities as they become available, acting as your marketing and prospecting team, plus much more. It's a nearly automatic and free solution to acquire more leads.

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We carefully curate the best companies and projects, which are then offered as opportunities to our Expert Partners. If your company ends up hiring one of our Experts, you pay us nothing, even if you hire them fulltime. It's a free, no-risk way to get what you need—fast.

Are you an experienced consultant, entrepreneur, or agency?

LaunchTeam Experts are part of an exclusive club. It's an invite-only membership that gives you access to projects and work opportunities from our network of emerging tech companies. 

It's a simple process. Apply for your free membership through our application. (Note: you must have a referral from an existing member or a LaunchTeam employee in order to apply).

If you're accepted into the membership, you'll start getting emails about new project opportunities that come through our platform. We have access to some of the most interesting emerging-tech companies on the planet. We curate our leads and only share opportunities that have a starting budget of $2,500 or more (sometimes over $100,000+). If and when you wish to connect with a qualified lead, you'll upgrade to a paid membership.

Receiving leads is free, which makes this a no-brainer decision if you believe in the LaunchTeam brand. We also invite members to exclusive events throughout the year (sometimes for free or at a deep discount). And finally, you'll be invited to a private chat channel and our private facebook group to explore opportunities with other Expert Partners.

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Are you an emerging-tech startup or a forward-thinking company?

The gig economy is a multi-trillion dollar industry, but the best workers are not easy to find. They are typically occupied, working at other companies—or building their own.

To compete in the workplace of tomorrow, your company will need to explore new ways of targeting and hiring this type of elusive talent.

LaunchTeam Experts are previous or existing founders and experienced entrepreneurs. They may be between gigs, run their own agency, or just have extra bandwidth. Our Experts are members of our exclusive network, which means they made it through our selection process. They also pay a hefty annual membership fee to get access to companies like yours. That should give you a sense of their confidence in landing work contracts and even fulltime positions with impressive companies.

You'll pay nothing to promote your company and your needs to our network. You'll also pay us nothing if you hire them—even if you hire them fulltime. Yes, we're flipping the hiring/contracting model on its head. You just have to fill out our questionnaire and get approved by our internal team. Not every company passes our approval process. In fact, it's quite selective. We are typically looking for established companies or startups with at least $1M in ARR or $1M in funding. 

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