“A college degree is now a commodity. After writing two bestsellers, I’ve come to realize that publishing a book is the new PhD. Power is shifting from the corporation to the individual, but that power must be earned. In the entrepreneurial era, publishing a quality book is the most differentiating, high-leverage, and attainable asset.” - Jesse Tevelow

The Project

Jesse is our founder. He's also the author of two #1 bestselling books, Hustle and The Connection Algorithm. In these projects, Jesse acted as the author, editor, interior layout designer, cover artist, graphics artist, copywriter, marketing manager, launch manager, publisher, publicist, and any other role your can possibly imagine that relates to creating amazing books. He spent a full year and over $25,000 creating his first book, while spending just 7 days and a few hundred dollars creating his second. Both have been surprisingly successful.  

The Results

Although both of Jesse's books are self-published, they've sold tens of thousands of copies and generated tens of thousands of dollars in income. His books have also received incredibly positive feedback from readers, with over 200 reviews combined, and a 4.5/5.0 average rating. Jesse was ranked among the top 20 business authors (#19) by Amazon, and his work has been endorsed by high-profile celebrities and business icons like Tony Horton and Brad Feld.  

Jesse has leveraged his books to speak on podcasts that reach millions of listeners, receive mentions in mainstream media outlets like Entrepreneur and Forbes, and build LaunchTeam into one of the most sought after companies in the evolving publishing industry. 

“Publishing a book is a complex process. I couldn't have done this without my supportive friends and my marketing team. Shoutout to my LaunchTeam! Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to hit the bestseller list, let alone be a #1 bestseller.” - Denise Darlene

The Project

Denise Darlene came to LaunchTeam through one of our publishing partners, Lifestyle Entrepreneur's Press. We were tasked with helping Denise launch her new book, Real Passion Revolution. Areas of focus included general preparation and planning during the pre-launch phase, organizing a team of early adopters, setting up a system for obtaining legitimate Amazon reviews and sales during launch week, and building a strategy for how to leverage the book to amplify her brand and business, post-launch.  

The Results

Part of our strategy involved setting up a Publishizer campaign (similar to Kickstarter) during her pre-launch. Denise had the #2 most-funded book on the platform and was featured on Publishizer's homepage for 21 days of her 30 -day campaign. The book earned $7,135 in pre-sales and 330 pre-orders. 

During the official launch on Amazon, the book soared to #1 in three categories within the first week, and had more than 25 positive reviews within the first two days. 

Finally, we formulated a post-launch strategy for maintaining ongoing sales, sourcing media opportunities, and using the book to sell her higher-priced services.

“I wouldn’t have been able to produce a bestselling book if it wasn’t for LaunchTeam. Since my book was released, I’ve been able to open more doors than I ever thought were possible. Writing a book was one of the best decisions of my life.” - Paul Aitken

The Project

Paul and his team worked with us through our partner, Book in a Box. Acting as an Editor for Book in a Box, we helped Paul craft his entire book through a series of interviews that were eventually transcribed and edited into polished prose. We administered all of the interviews, edited the entire manuscript, created all the sections headings, and ensured Paul's (and his co-author's) words and ideas were represented accurately, clearly, and landed with great effect for their audience. 

The Results

Livin' the Drone Life became a #1 bestseller in four categories on Amazon within the first five days of its launch. It also received over 50 reviews within the first few weeks, while maintaining a 4.8/5.0 star review average. The book has sold thousands of copies to-date, and continues to see strong sales. 

The overall ranking has also remained high. This is due, in large part, to consistent media exposure from podcast appearances, Paul's own podcast show (Ask DroneU), and the various services offered through his companies.

Writing a Book is Hard

...but turning it into a life-changing asset is even harder. LaunchTeam helps entrepreneurs amplify the power of their books. It includes a library of curated and homegrown resources, plus management and support from people who've already been through this process and seen amazing results. We don't just ensure your launch week is a success. We ensure your book launches your entire life into a new dimension of awesome.

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