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Our Story

BlockTeam Ventures is a crypto advisory and investment fund. We've helped over 40 blockchain companies raise $300 million to-date.

We come from the worlds of entrepreneurship, tech, and finance. One of our partners went through the initial class of Techstars and cofounded a game company that generated millions of dollars selling digital currency. Another partner worked on wallstreet, managing M&A deals into the billions of dollars. Another has served as a hands-on advisor to over 35 ICOs. We're a diverse team with a wealth of experience, a proven track record, and deep access to dealflow.

Blockchain technology will reshape modern society in ways we can’t yet imagine. Because of the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2017, crypto hedge funds and VC funds are en vogue. The funds that succeed long-term will possess unfair advantages and unique value propositions. For BlockTeam Ventures, that value comes from our access to premium deals, and the vision we hold around building relationships and communities.  

Our Team

BlockTeam Ventures brings together a unique group of blockchain experts who have collectively seen hundreds of pitches and been deeply rooted in the startup world for over 25 years. 

Simon Bogdanowicz | Managing Partner

Simon is a blockchain investor, cofounder of LaunchTeam, and co-creator of BlockTeam. He's also previous Head of Business Development and current advisor to ShipChain, a blockchain company disrupting the logistics industry that raised $30 million in early 2018. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies across a number of industries, including Netflix, UnitedHealth Group, FedEx, Office Depot, Viacom, World Fuel Services, and Raymond James. Simon also worked as a top-tier M&A investment banker for the Royal Bank of Canada.

Jesse Tevelow | Managing Partner

Jesse is a blockchain investor and three-time bestselling author. He's an advisor to several high-profile blockchain projects, including ShipChain, Hybridblock, and RecordGram, which have collectively raised upwards of $75 million. Jesse is also the cofounder of LaunchTeam, an international marketing agency. At age 23, he cofounded a game company that leveraged digital currencies to generate millions of dollars in annual revenues, so he's been learning about the power of digital currency for over a decade.

Jared Polites | General Partner

Jared is an ICO advisor and blockchain marketing specialist. He has advised over 35 ICOs and helped raise over $250M. Some notable projects include Gameflip and Elastos. Previously, he ran marketing for Ardent Capital, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia and incubator of aCommerce ($100M raised). Jared's career started at the FBI, where he was an Intelligence Analyst working Securities Fraud in New York. He holds a BBA from UT-Austin and a Master's in Finance from Sciences Po Paris. 

Our Approach

We use three main lenses to evaluate opportunities: Team, Traction, and Technology. This holistic approach allows us to make long-term investments, but still capture short-term gains based on the unique structure of Initial Coin Offerings, or Token Sales. 

Unlike many firms, we don't typically invite companies to pitch for us. Instead, we use our networks to source deals, and then spend quality time with founders and core team members, asking them specific questions during our time together. All of the information from a traditional pitch is analyzed separately. We're looking for companies that will thrive decades from now. This means we need to understand the technology and the market opportunity, but also the personalities and motivations of the people steering the ship.

As advisors for blockchain projects that have raised over $300 million in aggregate, we are able to offer deep support in structuring token economics, developing advisory boards, performing technology audits, growing communities, and running marketing campaigns. We also have relationships with various funds and incubators, which allows us to co-invest in deals that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Our Community

We believe the most successful VC firms of the future will be highly visible organizations. We've already seen the success that vocal VC's have had in the past. We have great respect for veterans, like Brad Feld and Fred Wilson, who chose to create blogs and write books to share their perspectives with a broader audience. 

In that same vein, we aim to be among the most accessible funds in the blockchain arena. We will achieve this through our online community, simply known as "BlockTeam," and through special events held around the world. You can already see what we're developing for this effort at

Our Vision

We see BlockTeam Ventures as a legacy fund that will help new companies gain ground in the marketplace for the next century and beyond. In order to do this, we will be placing a unique focus on building an elevated brand and community. We will be hosting events worldwide, and creating a unique headquarters that serves as event space, incubation tank, and offices for our portfolio companies, fund managers, and partners. 

We will be actively seeking a property in LA to rent so we can host these experiences. This is a long-term vision that we hope to bring into reality with the success of the fund. We'd love to create this vision as partners, with you by our side.